Question #1
What did you pay to have your drugs managed last year?
Question #2
Did you know that facilities increase charges to offset discounts given to carriers?
Question #3
Are you tired of cost shifting to employees and still not being able to control spend?

Most consultants modify plan design and payroll deductions to get a plan “in budget”.

The GBS model does not. We get to the bottom line of fixing the cost basis of care.

Group Benefit Strategies, Inc. provides the next generation of risk management. Established in 1999, GBS provides a full range of benefit and consulting services. We are your total source solution for reducing claim costs, improving plan performance (401K) and supporting the plan sponsor fiduciary position.


Our category expertise provides innovative niche-based technology solutions, which ensures results for our clients. The GBS team has more than 150 years of combined experience and expertise in self-funding, underwriting, benefits, procurement, software development and benefit administration.

Never before in the history of employee benefits has the need for niche technologies and innovative solutions been greater.

GBS has a disciplined approach to project and risk management. We are 100% dedicated to protecting the financial interests of our client. We work independently and are not influenced by vendors or carriers. Our transparent processes and audits/analysis allow our clients to make clear decisions. We work collaboratively with other consultants who engage our technologies and expertise to help their clients.

Why you should audit your employee benefit plans NOW!